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HI Welcome to the hping wiki.
What's Hping?

hping is a free packet generator and analyzer for the TCP/IP protocol. Hping is one of the de-facto tools for security auditing and testing of firewalls and networks, and was used to exploit the Idle Scan scanning technique now implemented in the Nmap port scanner. The new version of hping, hping3, is scriptable using the Tcl language and implements an engine for string based, human readable description of TCP/IP packets, so that the programmer can write scripts related to low level TCP/IP packet manipulation and analysis in a very short time.
Like most tools used in computer security, hping is useful to security experts, but there are a lot of applications related to network testing and system administration. For more information see the what's hping page.
About this site

The aim of this site is to create a collaborative environment to document hping, share programming tips and hping scripts, and much more. Many topics can be discussed here, including topics related to security tools programming, Tcl, networking, as long as the author creates the wiki page and titles it appropriately. The key point here is non-spam content of course, and to make sure contents are not copyrighted. The moderator of this wiki is Salvatore Sanfilippo (aka antirez).
The Hping official site is at www.hping.org.
If you want to download source code or binary distributions of hping, go to the Download page.
Please, if you think this site is insecure because every page is editable read this:
Why I can edit every page of this site
Most of the vandalized pages here are from people that think they found a vulnerability in the site because all pages are editable!
-> Federico Biancuzzi interviewed me about hping3 for onlamp.com. The interview can be found here. -> hping3.0.0 alpha 2 released. Download It. -> hping2.0.0 Release Candidate 3 released. Download It.
Starting points of interest
-> What's hping -> hping3 API -> Getting started with hping3 -> Open bugs -> Requests for new features -> External tutorials and articles -> TCP/IP -> Idle scan -> Good security tools -> Hping2 win32 version -> Hping3 vs MacosX -> The Tcl Language (See also the local Tcl page). -> Tclwise - an online book on Tcl authored by the hping author.
About this site
-> What's a Wiki -> How to create a new page (and Copyrights) -> How to add an image in a wiki page -> Graffiti (test page, to experiment with this wiki) -> Misc pages (other pages possibly unrelated to hping, will be moved asap)
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