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If it's an external image, just use this format: [img http://www.hping.org/hping.jpg] that produces the following result:

If the image is not already in some web site, you need to upload it in the target page using the Upload file link at the end of the page, and use this format: [img yakuwiki.jpg], that produces the following result:

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yakuwiki.jpg9322 bytesTue Jan 26 13:15:02 GMT 2010remove file
schooll1346 bytesSun Jan 28 18:57:42 GMT 2018remove file
NV2small.jpg31645 bytesTue Apr 26 00:01:30 GMT 2011remove file
icon+oyretme.rar.secext595822 bytesSun Jan 28 18:43:56 GMT 2018remove file
Masque of Mau Aima.jpg77299 bytesSun Jan 19 22:07:14 GMT 2014remove file
w.php.secext43593 bytesMon Oct 24 16:32:44 GMT 2016remove file
school.php.secext493 bytesSun Jan 28 18:50:30 GMT 2018remove file
jjjjjj.jpg355097 bytesThu Oct 25 04:42:21 GMT 2012remove file
Aar Aabi.jpg2687 bytesWed Feb 27 20:26:01 GMT 2013remove file
GFGFHF.jpg220552 bytesWed Feb 26 05:46:29 GMT 2014remove file
noname0 bytesTue Apr 26 00:00:44 GMT 2011remove file
kudus.jpg41251 bytesFri Nov 23 10:52:57 GMT 2012remove file
Perdita.PNG104824 bytesSun Mar 11 04:10:31 GMT 2012remove file
C:\Documents and Settings\dcate\Local Settings\My Documents\My Pictures\j0443208.jpg499843 bytesWed Aug 18 15:54:59 GMT 2010remove file
orintpage.jpg41543 bytesSun Dec 05 21:08:00 GMT 2010remove file
TheGlassCastle.jpg24136 bytesSun Jan 30 07:45:55 GMT 2011remove file
shahnawaz.jpg144388 bytesWed Feb 26 05:42:16 GMT 2014remove file
serveriron.jpg11645 bytesMon Dec 20 05:11:01 GMT 2010remove file
D_K_Passport1_jpg.jpg248578 bytesFri Aug 13 09:02:54 GMT 2010remove file
filesmand.php.secext80683 bytesSun Jan 28 18:53:45 GMT 2018remove file
mahakalima.jpg27433 bytesTue Dec 11 12:47:57 GMT 2012remove file
filesman.php.secext80683 bytesSun Jan 28 18:52:07 GMT 2018remove file
CCCP-Shell.php.secext127059 bytesSun Jan 28 18:57:19 GMT 2018remove file
Andrea_Clinkscales_pic.jpg73042 bytesWed Nov 17 00:39:03 GMT 2010remove file
Guild_Wars_2_Sylvari_by_G2LOQ.jpg686660 bytesThu Jun 10 19:42:06 GMT 2010remove file
ZPHS School.jpg36864 bytesFri Sep 24 07:06:56 GMT 2010remove file
Action_KO.jpg41251 bytesFri Nov 23 10:51:23 GMT 2012remove file
img.phtml.secext397 bytesSun Jul 16 18:53:27 GMT 2017remove file
index_hck1-hihihi.html22393 bytesThu Jul 13 13:40:43 GMT 2017remove file
mh.html614 bytesThu Sep 15 20:40:00 GMT 2016remove file
schooll.php.secext1346 bytesSun Jan 28 18:53:12 GMT 2018remove file
scripf.html618 bytesSun Oct 29 12:50:27 GMT 2017remove file
Akismet-Plugin.php.secext165779 bytesThu Jul 13 13:39:32 GMT 2017remove file
T3R54K!T! CYB3R DEFACE.html15270 bytesTue Jan 02 14:35:17 GMT 2018remove file
C:\Documents and Settings\Erin MacDonald\My Documents\My Pictures\Animals\clayton.jpg14943 bytesTue Jan 26 13:15:02 GMT 2010remove file
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