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What a missing feature? Please write what you need in this page.
RobinVossen 2007 (http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/members/robinvossen.html) I am missing a way to send Crafted ARP packages with hping.
2006 june Francois Malard Is there a gui interface project ? Like nmap-frontend -> Id like to do that RobinVossen contact me at LinuxForum.org
DavidSanchez : I've been given an old router by a friend of mine. The problem is we don't know its IP address (he never knew it). Any way to find the ip address using hping ? I made a script which pings broadcast address of all-possible private LAN subnets... I suppose there's some protocol better suited than just echo requests. Would it be possible to implement a solution to find the LAN IP range in hping ? (my apologies if it exists and I couldn't find it ).

AndreiDarashenka 6/11/2004 hping2 feature request: flood mode Please make plain sendip loop without "(but not as fast as your computer can send packets due to the signal-driven design)"
I need to test my server to ability work under DDOS condition. I don't need to receive packets, only send with random source/dest IP.
I can make a patch for you.
anon 13June2004: Windows port?
antirez 18May2004: ability to set ECN bits from command line and support for it in APD.
antirez 18May2004: scan mode working with UDP.
Verbato(NO) 17June2004: audible ping with ICMP.
antirez 18June2004: implemented in hping3 CVS. Another new feature is --flood to send packets as fast as possible.
Try all combinations of flags.
mark 10Sept2004: combine old and new ways of calling - e.g.:
$ hping3 --interface en0 --frag exec ping.htcl www.google.com
hping: you must specify only one target host at a time

alan Dont even know if it is a feature that fits in the hping paradigm. I want to test icmp transmission across the internet. So I would like to be able to set up an unattended hping 'echo' server at a remote site. Concept, establish tcpip session to server, recieve random large key, all future hping echo requests require the key, I send a tcpip packet containing key + icmp packet server sends it back. Use 1: test pathMTU and whether or not packets are getting eaten.... Dont know if the echo server would have to refuse to return some kinds of packets. TO add to security it could be configured to respond to only certain static ip addresses. Is there some other tool for this, or a port any port anywhere that advertises itself as being on the end of a low MTU link.
jake 7March2006: what is the status of IPv6 support within the Hping3 code base? I would be interested in extending Hping3 to support TCP/UDP/ICMPv6 packet generation. jacob.jacobsenATus.army.mil
anon 26June2006: When I attempt to pipe hping2 output to tee in order to view and capture it at the same time, tee will not actually display the output on the screen until the execution is over. I've never seen this behavior with tee before. ping, for example, will display each ping as it occurs. I am using hping2 to test connectivity and I need to be able to save results while at the same time monitoring progress so I can know when there are connection issues. Is there another way I can accomplish this? hping2 is the only tool I have found that can give me the degree of control I need over the packets I send, but I simply can't use it for my purposes because of this issue. Capturing the screen afterwards is not a viable solution either.
solipsist This is because it is buffering standard output, using the ANSI standard FILE functions, whereas ping uses write(2) which is Unix standard and unbuffered. If it generates enough output, you should see the output before the whole program is over. "man setlinebuf" if you want to hack some source.
anon Thanks. I am using the windows port of hping through cygwin so I had to use setvbuf. Line buffering couldn't be set for some reason, but no buffering worked perfectly. It was an easy change to main.c, so maybe this option should be included as a switch in a future release.
The interactive hping/tcl send command needs to have a way of specifying the outgoing interface the same way the recv command can.
soul 28October2006: Could you add SOCKS4/5, HTTP proxy, FTP Tunnel support to hping3? That way we could send tcp/udp packets via these proxies to scan/check around firewalls or blackholes. Cheers! zhenwu 11/6/2007: Is it possible to add support for modifying src/dst MAC?
----- me 06/1/2008: Not sure here: Is it possible to add support for overcross Spoofing of TCP/IP Connections?
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