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If you know What's a Wiki, for you it is not a surprise that all the pages of this wiki are editable by every visitor. This site is a bit more extreme because it does not require even a free registration, you just edit the pages if you have something to say or some sentence to correct. So please don't think it's a bug, this site is conceived so that you can edit all the pages.
How does this work in practice? Quite well, I'm able to edit the site in a very short time, many users contributed some text in existing pages or new useful pages. There are also problems, vandalism. There are people that altered some page just for a vandalistic fun, and (most) others that altered some pages because they used to think to the edit feature as a bug. Linkspam, the addition of links to commercial sites that are not thoroughly relevant, can appear on any wiki, and may afflict this one as well. The last class of vandalism is related to the google rank, some webmaster added a link to a site in order to get an higher rank (the hping site is at rank 6). So please, don't alter these pages just for fun, but add real content if you like.
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