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hping iflist

The iflist subcommand returns a list of all the available interfaces (with the UP flag set), and information about every interface. Interface informations are returned as a Tcl list, that's an example:
hping3.0.0-alpha> hping iflist
{lo 16436 {} {LOOPBACK}} {eth0 1500 {} {}}

But this may be more clear:
hping3.0.0-alpha> foreach i [hping iflist] {puts $i}
lo 16436 {} {LOOPBACK}
eth0 1500 {} {}

As you can see both the interface addresses and flags are reported as Tcl lists, in order to deal with multiple-flags and addresses interfaces. This is an example:
hping3.0.0-alpha> foreach i [hping iflist] {puts $i}
lo0 33224 {} {LOOPBACK}
xl0 1500 {} {}

The above host has an IPv4 alias for xl0
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