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hping3 alpha-2 is available.

Two new features for the command line interface.
  • --beep will sound a beep for every matching received packet.
  • --flood will send packets as fast as possible, in the past the speed was very limited (using -i u1 was the faster possible), and some test was not possible due to output speed problems.
  • Some minor makefile bug fixed.

You can find the tar.gz attached to this page. Should work without problems on Linux and BSD and MacOSX. This version of hping is still not complete, but appears to work well and is ready to do some non-trivial script. Actually this release was used to implement a complete proof-of-concepts IGRP stack for a customer able to correctly interact with CISCO routers.

Hping3 is mostly command-line compatible with hping2, the big difference is that in hping3 there is a new packet generation core that is much more powerful than the previous, but currently this core is only used by hping scripts and not by the command line interface.

Note: Please read Getting started with hping3 for more information. Also the hping3 API page may help.

Have fun, antirez
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