root7 html> root@team_NSIS

Terminal Messages

root7@cyborg>>sudo anonymous messages -u
?[sudo] password for cyborg:****
Trying connect to Server . . .
root7 Hello...
root7 We are Anonymous
root7 We are not a group but a family
root7 We are thirsty for information
root7 Take care of your system
root7 Otherwise we will hack your system
root7 I have a pseudonym Root_7
root7 I'm not famous
root7 Because I'm hiding behind the laptop screen
root7 No System is Safe
root7 Ordinary people can not track my whereabouts
root7 I will continue to hide behind the laptop screen
root7 If you underestimate me
root7 Just look at your secret on the internet
root7 I never get angry
root7 I am angry because you are vilifying my dignity

NSiS>>No System is Safe

>> Hacked By root@team_NSIS <<
>> root@team_NSIS Team <<