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  The *hping* command should be called with a subcommand as a first argument (*resolve* in the example)
  and additional arguments according to the particular subcommand.
- The [hping resolve] command is used to convert an hostname in an [IP address].
+ The [hping resolve] command is used to convert a hostname to an [IP address].
  Ok, that's the basic usage. Now we can start to try more advanced commands (you can find
  is a simple way to figure how to generate a given packet, because hping3 use this
  format to send packets, but also to receive packets as we will see in a moment.
- [link http://www.admins-support.info].  
  ===Tcl inside===
  Before to show how it's possible to receive packets, I want to stress the fact that we are
  [img http://www.hping.org/hping3/linux.jpg]
- [link: http://www.EzCOMPUTER-PARTZ.INFO]
  While that's what I get with Windows 2000:
  [img http://www.hping.org/hping3/win.jpg]

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