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+ {\[17/02/2008\] \<maxx\>} hi, same problem:
+ with common verion (2): route_get()route_get() ...
+ with rc3 version: HPING \[...\] NO FLAGS are set, 40 headers + 0 data bytes
+ \[send_ip\] sendto: 10004
+ BUT: there are no packets on the other side of the LAN (captured with tcpdump)
+ solutions??
+ {\[09/03/2008\] \<paul\>} 
+ Hi! I see only one MD5 reference on this page:
+ "`{warwick 27sept2004:} md5 of hping2.1-rc2-win32.zip as of this date is: d8dc42f9a03d578b27d08076cbfd89da`" 
+ However, when I DL the above file, I get a different checksum (e679e74b0f940c7d675cde856c65070b). I tried downloading twice, with the same results.
+ I see above a reference to sectools on SourceForge; should I be downloading that instead? (no sign of an MD5 there, either, btw). Looks like there has been no further development on this for a while... Any plans to port version 3?

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