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+ Welcome to the [hping] wiki.
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- ===Here===
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+ ===What's Hping?===
+ hping is a free packet generator and analyzer for the [TCP/IP] protocol. Hping is one of the de-facto tools for security auditing and testing of firewalls and networks, and was used to exploit the [Idle Scan] scanning technique now implemented in the [Nmap] port scanner. The new version of hping, hping3, is scriptable using the [Tcl] language and implements an engine for string based, human readable description of TCP/IP packets, so that the programmer can write scripts related to low level TCP/IP packet manipulation and analysis in a very short time.
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+ Like most tools used in computer security, hping is useful to security experts, but there are a lot of applications related to network testing and system administration.
+ For more information see the [what's hping] page.
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+ === About this site===
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+ The aim of this site is to create a collaborative environment to document hping, share programming tips and hping scripts, and much more. *Many topics can be discussed here*, including topics related to security tools programming, Tcl, networking, as long as the author creates the wiki page and titles it appropriately.
+ The key point here is non-spam content of course, and to make sure contents are not copyrighted.
+ The moderator of this wiki is [Salvatore Sanfilippo] (aka `antirez`).
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+ The Hping official site is at [link http://www.hping.org www.hping.org].
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+ If you want to download source code or binary distributions of hping, go to the [Download] page.
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+ {Please, if you think this site is insecure because every page is editable read this}:
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+ [Why I can edit every page of this site]
- foobar+ Most of the vandalized pages here are from people that think they found a vulnerability in the site because all pages are editable!
+ ===News===
+ -> Federico Biancuzzi interviewed me about [hping3] for onlamp.com. The interview can be found [link http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/security/2004/10/07/hping_interview.html here].
+ -> *hping3.0.0 {alpha 2} released*. [Download] It.
+ -> *hping2.0.0 Release Candidate 3* released. [Download] It.
+ ===Starting points of interest===
+ -> [What's hping]
+ -> [hping3 API]
+ -> [Getting started with hping3]
+ -> [Open bugs]
+ -> [Requests for new features]
+ -> [External tutorials and articles]
+ -> [TCP/IP]
+ -> [Idle scan]
+ -> [Good security tools]
+ -> [Hping2 win32 version]
+ -> [Hping3 vs MacosX]
+ -> [link http://wiki.tcl.tk The Tcl Language] (See also the local [Tcl] page).
+ -> [link http://www.invece.org/tclwise/ Tclwise - an online book on Tcl authored by the hping author.]
+ ===About this site===
+ -> [What's a Wiki]
+ -> [How to create a new page] (and [Copyrights])
+ -> [How to add an image in a wiki page]
+ -> [Graffiti] (test page, to experiment with this wiki)
+ -> [Misc pages] (other pages possibly unrelated to hping, will be moved asap)
+ ===More free software from the hping author===
+ -> *Visitors* a fast web log analyzer, home page [link http://www.hping.org/visitors/ here]
+ -> *Xadsen* a Google Adsense monitor for X, home page [link http://www.hping.org/xadsen/ here]
+ -> *PHP Interactive* a web based interactive shell for PHP, home page [link http://www.hping.org/phpinteractive here].
+ -> *The Jim Interpreter* a small footprint implementation of the [Tcl] programming language, home page [link http://jim.berlios.de here]
+ If you are interested in business models for free software projects
+ [link http://www.invece.org/article/financing.html Financing your Free Software with Google AdSense] can
+ be an interesting read.
+ ===More sites from the hping author===
+ -> The [link http://code.google.com/p/redis Redis] key-value store.
+ -> A [link http://antifavicon.com favicon.ico generator] web service.
+ -> [link http://mandelbrot.collettivamente.com Mandelbrot Fractals Real-Time Generator]
+ -> [link http://www.invece.org/blog/ Ragusa Ibla]
+ -> [link http://collettivamente.com Archivio Gruppi di Discussione]

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