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  Note that it can be useful in order to create security-related cgi scripts with hping3, but the application that I
  wrote in order to test this library is a bit more in the fun side: mandelbrot sets.
  You can find at the end of this page the two files gif.tcl and mandel.tcl. Download both and run mandel.tcl to
  generate a mandelbrot set as a GIF image. The example should be very simple to follow in order to learn how to
  use the API exported by the GIF API. Note that this is just the first version of the GIF library, in the future
  I want to include functions for 2D drawring and text in order to have something like a pure-Tcl GD Lib.
  An example of mandelbrot image generated with this scripts:
- [image mandel.gif]+ [img mandel.gif]
+ p.s. after some fun I implemented the mandelbrot stuff in C with a Tcl CGI interface in order to play with it
+ via web. You can find it at [link http://mandelbrot.collettivamente.com Mandelbrot Fractals CGI].

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