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Pure-Tcl multiprecision math library for Tcl (written in pure Tcl), also known as big numbers. The implementation is attached to this page. Feel free to comment and/or add related files here.
  • 20Sep2004 Salvatore Sanfilippo: added Karatsuba multiplication.
  • 7Sep2004 Salvatore Sanfilippo: faster div (three times faster then 5Sep version), sqrt, modulo, powm.
  • 5Sep2004 Salvatore Sanfilippo: much faster version with most operations inline uploaded. Most operations are from 3 to 4 times faster than the previous version. benchmark and test code uploaded.
  • 4Sep2004 Salvatore Sanfilippo: faster version using 16bit math and wide(). A pow/powm bug fixed (returns 1 if the exponent is zero). ::bignum::rand bug fixed.
  • 2Sep2004 Pascal Scheffers: Just added rsa.tcl and dh.tcl sample code to do an RSA encryption/decryption and to do a Diffie-Hellman key

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